Boat Ramp Etiquette

It is going to be a busy weekend on our local rivers and one of the most popular areas will be the Colorado River. With multiple camp sites from Pump House to Dotsero the 4th of July Camping Crowd will be out in full force. This means that the boat ramp traffic will be slightly overwhelming. Pleasure boater, guided fishing trips, white water raft trips, stand up paddle boarders and kayakers will all be accessing the river from these areas. Here are a few simple tips that will help make your boat ramp experience a little more enjoyable.

These guys know how to use a boat ramp.
These guys know how to use a boat ramp.

1st – Use the boat ramp to launch your boat not to prepare your boat. As soon as you back your trailer in, put your raft/boat in the water and move out of the way. The others waiting at the ramp will be appreciative. This process shouldn’t take more than 5 minutes.

2nd – Prepare your boat in the designated areas. This means filling up your raft with air, unstrapping your vessel, putting the plugs in your drift boat, organizing all your gear, and rigging up your fly rods. There is not need to do all of the above while your truck and trailer are sitting on the boat ramp. If you do no have a trailer and inflate your entire raft once at the river, please do not do this on the boat ramp. If you do STOP.

3rd – Help out others that may need it. Often times families are out for a fun float and Dad gets stuck unloading the boat and making sure it doesn’t float away. Feel free to ask if someone needs a hand unloading their vessel so they can clear the ramp. A little river karma goes a long way.

4th – Learn how to back up a trailer and if you cannot ask someone who can. Boat ramps can get very congested and if you are a little shaky when it comes to driving a trailer in reverse go practice in a parking lot. It will also alleviate some stress you might have about backing in a trailer in front of a bunch of bystanders.

Prepared yourself, quickly clear the boat ramp and help out where you see fit. Pretty simple but you’ll be surprised at what you’ll see at the boat ramp. I hope you all enjoy a wonderful 4th of July Weekend.

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