Fathers Day: Gifts For A Fly Fishing Dad

If you are anything like me you tend to do your shopping last minute and are usually struggling to find a decent gift that someone will actually use. This Sunday is Fathers Day and a T-shirt thats says #1 Dad probably isn’t gonna cut it for a man that has raised an awesome person like yourself. If your Father enjoys spending time with a fly rod or in the woods here are a few gift ideas that the old man will actually use. That t-shirt will end up getting used as a rag in the garage, don’t waste you dollar bills on that.

Yeti-Rambler-Colster-With-CanMost of our Fathers enjoy a cold beverage after a long day on the river or in the woods. And while the first beer generally goes down quicker than it can get warm, the second one is usually a bit more casual. For this reason I am recommending the YETI Colster. This marvelous invention is the last coozie your dad will ever need. The YETI Colster will hold his twelve ounce can or bottle and keep it cold long after it is opened. Coming in at 30 clams this is a perfect gift for Fathers Day.


Buying clothes for Dad is always a gamble, lets face it the old boy has been around a while and freefly Hooded Shirtknows what he likes. So when you thrown something new his way chances are he might look down his nose at it. The sun protecting bamboo shirts from Freefly Apparel might be a stretch but once your Dad pulls on this buttery soft shirt he will look at you and smile. These shirts are great for staying cool and keeping your skin protected from that beautiful Colorado sun. They can run a bit small so buy a size up if this is the route you choose to go.


Save the old man’s teeth and purchase him a slick pair of Simms nippers to hang around his neck. One of the most common things to do when on the river is to bite the tag end of your tippet off after tying a knot. Don’t pretend you haven’t done it. These groovy looking aircraft grade aluminum fly fishing accessories are a super sharp and will keep your teeth healthy for eating steak and opening beer bottles.  Coming in around 30 bucks this is a good gift idea for Fathers Day.simms nippers

Skip the sleeve of golf balls and leave the JC Penny Tie on the rack. For the ultimate Fathers Day Gift a Guided Fly Fishing Trip is always a safe bet. Your dear old dad loves you more than you know and will enjoy spending a day on the river with his son or daughter.  Happy Fathers Day to all you hard working, rock solid Fathers out there. Get outside and enjoy, you’ve earned it.

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