Don’t Get the Run Off Blues!

Well it is another hot late spring day in Colorado and most of our trout streams are starting to look more like chocolate milk commercials than a fishery! Football season is far away and lets face it, how many Coors lights can you drink and Rockies games can you watch before going crazy? The Mrs. is yelling about the yard and wondering why the letter from the IRS says that your tax extension was denied?

Colorado Pike on the Fly
Even small Northern Pike will chase after huge flies!

It is almost 80 degrees and it is only 11am on a Sunday. You have a few choices; you can tread water the rest of your weekend, wishing your favorite creek was fishable or your can grab a few big streamers, a wire leader and head out in pursuit of a great runoff season fish, the Northern Pike!

We at Colorado Fly Fishing Reports certainly hope you choose the later option! Pike fishing can really be a great way to cure the run off blues. Pike inhabit many lakes, reservoirs and rivers along Colorado’s Front Range and Western Slope. With a little research you can easily find a Northern Pike fishery close to you.

Once you find a place to fish, springtime Pike fishing is a rather straightforward affair. You are looking for fish cruising the shallow shorelines. Great places to target are the rocky edges of dams, cattails and sloughs, and flats with plenty of food sources.

Colorado Pike on the Fly
Fly Fishing for Northern Pike really is a lot of fun!

The most fun part of pike fishing is that Northern Pike are an extremely predatory fish. Flies like Whistlers, Bunny flies and Clouser minnows will all get the job done. The fun fact of fishing for Pike is you really cannot use a fly that is too big; an 18 inch hammer handle will go after flies the size of a chicken!

To throw these big flies a good eight weight is probably your best tool. Wire leaders are needed to make sure the pike do not chew through your line but we also like to use hard monofilament at 20-30 pound test to get more lifelike motion out of our flies. After you catch some fish the monofilament will need to be changed but it will probably fool more fish than a wire leader. Also be sure to bring a long pair of hemostats to remove flies from the mouths of these rather toothy critters…

From all of us at Colorado Fly Fishing Reports we sincerely hope you will get out and fish!

Tight Lines,

Colorado Fly Fishing Reports


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