Salmonfly Hatch: Colorado River

The Salmonfly hatch is underway on the Colorado River and it is a great time to witness these largerColorado River Salmonfly hatch insects migrate up the river. Typically water levels are very high and off color during the Salmonfly Hatch but this year the flows on the Upper Colorado River a quite manageable with good clarity. I hiked up river from Pump House a couple days ago and was able to find many Salmonflies perched in the Cedar Trees and Alders. There were not quite the number of insects that I typically see during the peak of the hatch so I would imagine that you still have some time to catch the hatch before it is over.

One might think that Trout are ferociously inhaling these massive bugs left and right on the surface but that is not always the case. You have to remember that during the Colorado River Salmonfly Hatch there is a lot of food in the river and the fish are quite happy. So you might have to work a little harder than anticipated to get that big Brown Trout to the surface. The one technique that I have found to be quite useful when fishing the Salmonfly Hatch is to find overhanging vegetation. Like I mentioned above you will see Adult Salmonflies grouped up in Cedar Trees and Alders along the river bank. These areas are great to fish. You will often find a trout willing to eat on the surface in these areas. Fish will wait for an Adult Salmonfly to fall from a tree and make their move to the surface to inhale it. My favorite fly to present in these areas is the Rogue Foam Stone. It is surprisingly realistic and floats very well. There is no need to be real delicate with your presentation either. I little slap on the water can grab the attention of lurking trout. I also like to give my fly some movement as Salmonflies flutter when they are on the water surface. Keep you bugs tight to the bank and have fun. This is a fun Hatch to fish so if you have time it is worth the drive to the Upper Colorado River.   rogue_giant_foam_stonefly

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