Blue Horizon Belize: Permit Fly Fishing

Spring in the Rockies is a great time to decompress from all the winter visitors, especially in mountain towns. You can find a parking spot at the grocery store, local specials at restaurants and the fly fishing is absolutely incredible. We call it shoulder season. A time when everything is quiet and you can catch your breath before the summer crowds arrive in July. It is also a time when a lot of people take their hard earned money and get out of town for a week or two to enjoy a relaxing vacation. While the fly fishing in Colorado is great this time of year the warmer weather has our freestone rivers on a yo yo, especially as we get deeper into May. Run off is a beast that limits our fly fishing opportunities and although we try to take advantage of the spectacular Spring fly fishing, June quickly becomes white water rafting season and fishing becomes second in line to the honey do list.

I recently wrote a post about Blue Horizon Fly Fishing Lodge in Southern Belize. Shortly after writing about this fly fishing lodge, the Blue Horizon team invited me down for a few days to experience all that Southern Belize has to offer. Having been fortunate enough to travel to multiple fly fishing destinations I can say that this area blew me away. Not only from a fly fishing point of view but also as an area for a family vacation. As fly fishermen we tend to seek out areas that are great for fly fishing but not so great for the wife and children. A lot of fly fishing lodges are situated in remote areas with little to no other activities to choose from. Rightfully so. You are there to fish and fish only…right? These lodges are great for a single guy who wants to spend every dime on a fly fishing trip or for older anglers who paid their dues and have a little more flexibility in their schedules. But, a lot of anglers have young families and take family vacations together. It is a tough sell when you mention a fly fishing lodge that is run by a generator for a family vacation, your wife probably isn’t going to let that slide.

What is great about Blue Horizon Fly Fishing Lodge is that you can take your family and get plenty of fly fishing in but not sacrifice family time. Southern Belize has numerous activities to choose from that suit the needs of a family vacation; jungle tours, zip lining, snorkeling, stand up paddle boarding, beach lounging as well as incredible Permit Fly Fishing. The locals speak english so there is no language barrier, every place takes dollar bills and the exchange rate is 2:1 in our favor. The Blue Horizon operation has several different lodging options to suit your needs. Everything from high end private island retreats to luxurious beach side villas on the main land. Regardless of where you choose to stay everything including the fly fishing is first class. So while we are preparing for 4-6 weeks of run off it might be a good time to consider a quick fly fishing/ family trip to Southern Belize.

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