YETI Coolers Short Film: Tootsie

YETI does an excellent job marketing their products and although most of their items are a little pricey, their marketing efforts are second to none allowing them to build outstanding brand awareness. Recently YETI has been rolling out short home grown video segments that display multiple lifestyles. You may have seen some of these short pieces that include the story of Flip Pallot, or maybe the hilarious segment called MELK, which tells a story of a retired football player that has a passion for milking elk. The most recent piece that is sweeping across social media is about an elderly women named Tootsie Tomanetz who is tougher than everyone reading this blog.

From YETI – “In “Tootsie,” you’ll meet a living legend in Texas barbecue, as told by the people who know her best. Whether she’s tending to the grounds at Giddings High School or keeping the fires going at Snow’s BBQ, Tootsie Tomanetz doesn’t have a lazy bone in her body. And even after 50 years in the barbecue world, she doesn’t see herself putting on the brakes anytime soon—slowing down just wouldn’t suit her.”

Hats of to you Tootsie Tomanetz, continue to inspire.

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