Redfish & Southern Bells

Redfishing is about having FUN and that is why it is one of our favorite fish species to pursue on the fly fishing rod!

Sight fishing for Redfish we humble even the most experienced of anglers, these fish will spook at the slightest of noises and can disappear from a flat quicker than Donald Trump can fix his comb over…

Redfish on the fly!
Redfish on the fly!

And like the best kind of rock bands, hitting the flats for Redfish in the sun can soothe the soul and enrich the mind. Perhaps, the beauty of fly fishing for Redfish can best be summed up by its utter simplicity, where angler and 8 weight fly rod must become one, in order to fool one of the of best predators of the flats, the Redfish…

Mullet ye be warned…


Redfish are one of the best species to pursue on the fly as they are just made to eat flies! If your fly looks like a mullet or a crab or shrimp, then watch out, a redfish is about to eat your bug!!!


Not picky like a bonefish. Once hooked one cannot help but feel euphoric connectivity to the flats as these fish epitomize the essence of flats fishing.


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