Gheenoe: Fly Fishing Watercraft

Simplicity is something that I am always looking for. I have always said the simpler the better and as I get a little longer in the tooth this phrase still rings true. Fly fishing can get as technical as just about anything, especially if you are talking to the right person.  We tend to over think things and that’s when even the simplest task can become complicated or technical. Since my brain is drawn to salt water fly fishing at the moment I wanted to write about a vessel that I recently had a chance to fish out of. It is called the Gheenoe. Built right here in the USA these shallow water vessels combine the simplicity of a canoe with unbelievable stability. While they are built in Florida and are intended for shallow water excursions, such as skinny back water fishing, duck hunting and overall leisure, I believe that the Gheenoe would be the ultimate skinny water carp slayer where those finicky rubber mouths are tailing in muddy flats here in Colorado. Of course you can get as technical as you want with the gheenoe by adding multiple custom options such as; poling platforms, lights, steering columns, casting decks..etc. But, you could also keep it simple and just use a paddle. Which is how we chose to navigate some extremely shallow water in the everglades last month. Simple.

Basic Gheenoe With Motor
Basic Gheenoe With Motor

A friend of mine who decided that chasing saltwater fish instead of shoveling snow just bought a Gheenoe. I must admit I had a little persuasion in his doing so. But, after commandeering one and seeing how versatile these vessels are it was a no brainer. Especially at how reasonably priced itskunk_ape_sign was. This new addition will be residing in Sunny Southwest Florida and ready to be dropped into backcountry haunts at a moments notice. My only hope is that we do not lost amongst the everglades searching for what is around the corner. The skunk apes lives in there ya know.

Although I have spent very little time in a Gheenoe I can say with confidence that it is a rock solid fly fishing machine that will get you into areas a skiff cannot. I would recommend this product to anyone who likes to keep things simple and access some tight areas that hold un pressured fish. You can find pre-owned Gheenoe boats just about any place in Florida for extremely reasonable prices or you can customize one online and spend as much as you’d like. For those simple minded folk throw a cooler in the back as a poling platform and start exploring any type of water. If my purposed excursion goes off without a hitch I will give you a full report upon my return, until then I will turn my focus back to trout eating size 20 midge larvae in 35 degree water. Which is as technical as it gets.

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