Best Outdoor Equipment of 2016


Tex equipment pic 2Sting Ray Tree Tent by Tentsile: Taking camping to the next level with a tent that keeps you elevated off of the ground is the way to go here.The Stingray holds 800-plus pounds and can be set up in minutes. This is an all-season and all-purpose tent that will ensure comfort in the hardest to find places.


Tex equipment pic 1Classic Act Bowie by J. Neilson: You never want to mess around when placing yourself in the outdoors. J. Neilson’s hand forged knives will hold their edge after being put to the test. High carbon steel and hand polished with a Desert Ironwood Burl handle will have you happy you brought this valuable tool along for the ride.


Tex equipment pic 5Solaris 26 by Brunton: With all the technological gadgets that we own these days we are always in need of a good charger. This allows you to have fun in the sun while also utilizing the rays in its portable solar panel charging system. The 26w-12V charging station can boost a number of your gadgets and never leaves you worrying about losing power to your electronics.

Tex equipment pic 4Portable Solar Stove by GoSun: Why not keep utilizing the sun rays by using it as a stove to to cook your food! This solar stove can cook meals in 20 minutes and even works in overcast conditions. With temperatures ranging up to 550 degrees there are no flames, no mess, and no additional costs!

Tex equipment pic 3Queen Size Camping by Coleman: For those easy to wake sleepers out there, this will be your best friend when camping. This is a queen size air mattress on a stainless steel frame that folds down to fit a carry case. Its also equipped with built a built in air pump that runs off D batteries. This bad boy can support up to 600 pounds and is also top of the line in comfort.


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