The Best Hidden Gems of Colorado


The Royal Arch- Foothills, Boulder: The Foothills have trails for days. Intertwining and connecting trails can make it hard to pick a specific trail. tex blog pic 6The Royal Arch, though, is guaranteed to amaze. The naturally formed arch made out of Colorado red rock is one that will definitely leave you stunned.


tex blog pic 5Bishop’s Castle- Rye, Colorado: Located just south of Pueblo, Bishop’s Castle is one that definitely stands out! Starting as a small family project, Jim Bishop began by building a remote cottage for his family. This one-man project quickly evolved from a small cottage into the large Colorado castle that you see today standing in the beautiful surrounding pines.

Conundrum Hot Springs- Aspen, Colorado: This remote hot spring requires you to hike an 8.5 mile trail to get to the natural pools.Camping is allowed and once you get there you’ll want to spend your night soaking under the stars!

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Loveland Pass, Route 6- Colorado: When you’re in the Rocky Mountains skiing is a must but those lines can definitely get long. For the more adventurous types backcountry skiing down the continental divide is the way to go! Make sure and check the avalanche reports before heading out

Frozen Dead Guy Days- Nederland, Colorado: There is so much to be said about FDGD. tex blog pic 2In short, it’s an odd festival based around a frozen dead guy and has truly unique activities like the classic coffin race. If you are in Colorado during March this is something definitely worth checking out!




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