Fly Fishing Travel: Choosing Airlines

frontier airlines

Fly fishing and travel go hand in hand. Whether you are fortunate enough to visit fishy destinations a few times a year or are planning your first saltwater trip, traveling usually involves hoping on a plane to reach your location. Airline cost plays a large factor when planning your fly fishing destination trip and In fact the cost of an airline ticket can often dictate whether you go one place or choose to stay frontier_old Seatshome. Finding cheap airfare is a time consuming task and often leads us to multiple sites desperately looking for the best deals and best flight times. My ticket search usually begins by looking on Southwest Airlines and if their prices are high, which they have been lately, I will look at Frontier Airlines. I have chosen Frontier Airlines many times in the past and have flown with them to multiple destinations. The seats were comfortable, the inflight service was fair and the TV in the front of the seat often times made the flight go by a little quicker. WHAT HAPPENED?

I travel a lot for work and usually find a way to carry a fly rod along with me. RecentIy I had to make a work trip to Orlando and found a reasonable ticket with Frontier. My initial reaction was, great, Frontier has decent seats, a TV in-front of me and WiFi for purchase. Which is what I have experienced in the past. When I got onto the plane in Denver I noticed something was different.frontier_new_seats The seats had gotten thinner, in-fact they looked like plastic rental chairs with a little padding on them. The seats did not recline and the leg room was minimal. The trays were a 1/3 of the size of a lap top and the TV’s were gone. Not to mention the fees that they charge for bringing a carry on. 40 beans if you want to carry on more than one bag. So you have to pick between your fly rods or camera/ lap top if you can only carry on one bag. Otherwise be prepared to dish out additional dough to bring on your valuables.

I hate to complain about petty things when there are certainly much larger issues in the world. But when you are expecting a service and receive something totally different you tend to be a little shocked. If you are looking for cheap fares you will certainly find them on Frontier Airlines but be prepared to be uncomfortable for the duration of your flight and expect a few hidden fees. Of course going through a little bit of hell is worth getting to your fishing destination but I hate to pay for it on the front end.

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