Ten Foot Fly Rods

There is some hype going around about 10 foot fly rods. I know a lot of guides that enjoy using these fly rods for their clients and they love them. Easier to mend, roll cast, better line control and add leverage for pulling on a fish, should you hook one. A ten foot fly rod also allows a newbie angler to get the flies and extra foot away from the boat. Which can be a huge advantage to hooking fish when a never ever is having a difficult time getting their flies past the oar blade. Although these fly rods have been around for a while it seems all I hear about is how effective the ten foot fly rods are for trout fishing smaller rivers and streams.

ten foot fly rodPersonally I am not too crazy about the extra foot at the end of a single handed fly rod. I recently have been nymphing fly fishing with one and I find it especially difficult to keep fish pinned when my bobber indicator jiggles. Especially with smaller flies, we hooked several fish today and 80% of them would fall off after a couple head shakes. Larger flies might aid in keeping the fish pinned but I am not sure of that either. I have used 11 foot switch rods nymphing, dead drifting flies for Steelhead and had the same problem. A few head shakes and slack line. That will really disappoint you when you only get a few shots a day. This is opposite of what some anglers have experienced. There have been other reports written about ten foot fly rods that claim that the softer tip on a longer fly rod helps set the hook on the fish. But, my experience suggest otherwise. I am not discounting these rods and will certainly cast one when it is offered to me. Until then I will keep fishing with my shorter fly rods and struggle to add and extra foot to all of my casts.


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