Fly Fishing Films

It is that time of year again when fly fishing junkies around the country line up at sold out theaters waiting to view Fly Fishing Films created by select film makers. While some films are great and others mediocre, attendees are sure to get their visual fix of trout eating dry flies and various exotic species putting a bend in a fly rod. Some pieces are about conservation and others involve comedy or tragedy, but regardless of the story line there are a lot of fish being pursued around the world with a fly rod. Fly Fishing Film Tours are certainly nothing new and I have to wonder what type of fish will they go after next? It seems each year film makers travel to the worlds end searching for a fish that hasn’t been caught/ documented. The Drake Magazine recently published an article regarding fly fishing films and it is a humorous piece that will give you a good laugh. The nuts and bolts of it asks who are these film makers? and how can they afford to travel around the world fishing in some of the most remotes part of the globe? It is a good question. While most of us are juggling jobs, families and daily routines that absorb all of our time it can be difficult to sneak out for an afternoon let alone multiple week fishing excursions to Christmas Island. Not to mention the cost. Regardless of how film makers afford to create these films we are able to live vicariously through their lens for 10 minutes and imagine what it would be like to cast a line in areas we may never be able to visit.



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