The Power of The Pheasant Tail

When I first embarked on the quest to becoming a skilled fly fisherman I was often baffled and confused about what fly to use and when?

However, that all changed one fateful day when I ran into a bargain sale of Pheasant Tail nymphs at the Orvis Englewood store…

Pheasant Tail fly
Few fly patterns are as trust worthy and reliable as the classic Bead Head Pheasant Tail…

Based on the store manager’s recommendation I purchased dozens of Pheasant Tail nymphs in hook sizes 18-24 and headed to Waterton Canyon for a bike ride into the waters of super small but super wild brown trout…

At this point, I still had yet to land a trout on my own and I was determined to do so. A blanket caddis hatch came off and to show my novice skills I decided that the best way to fool the rising trout was to stand above them and swing a tight line pheasant tail in front of their mouths…

Colorado Pheasant Hunting
Nothing is better than catching a fish on a fly that you have tied from a wild Colorado bird, shot over a point by your favorite bird dog!

Despite my inability to “match the hatch” my unorthodox tactics worked and I caught a bunch of nice fish that evening! Needless to say I was hooked on the pheasant tail, convinced it could catch any fish in the world!

Twenty years later my angling skills have improved but I am still supremely confident in the pheasant tail. The PT is truly a versatile nymph that best resembles a mayfly but it’s lifelike and bug like look and feel make it a proven fly pattern for catching multiple species of fish.

The best part about being a fly fisherman is there is always something new to learn or a skill to improve upon. So as we go through snowy and cold winter, now is a great time to learn more about fly tying or improve your skills. Lets face it; it’s a little cold to be out on the water right now! Why not spend this time wisely and stock your box with your own fly patterns?

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