Season Of The Midge: Trout Video

While midges are not always the funnest bug in the box, they certainly are a main food source for trout throughout Colorado. The midge code is often a tough one to crack but when you do find that perfect fly you can have some spectacular days on the water. Many believe that you have to dredge the bottom to catch fish during the winter months, this is not always true. In fact you can find plenty of rising fish on many rivers during the winter. Midge hatches come off sporadically throughout the day on many rivers and are often times significant enough to bring many fish to the surface. This short video was shot last week on a local drainage where the midges were coming off in good numbers. The fish were high and happy.


The tying shots in this video are of a midge dry/ emerger pattern spun by good friend , Bob Streb. This purple midge fly is a very simple tie and extremely effective for slow rolling, shallow water winter fish. The basic materials include the following – Size 20-22 hook, Purple thread, Swiss Straw, Dubbing, Hackle and Foam. You can spin this bug however large or small you’d like and change use a color that you are confident in. Purple seems to be an effective color on most of the rivers we fish in the mountains.

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