Iliamna Lake Alaska: Aerial Video

I stumbled upon this Alaskan Salmon Video yesterday and it was actually able to keep my attention for 5 minutes. That is not easy to do in this day and age. The video captures aerial images of Sockeye Salmon traveling to their spawning grounds in Iliamna Lake, Alaska. There are no glamorous grip and grin shots, no reels screaming, no product placement…etc. It was refreshing to watch a well put together piece laid over classic music. Alaska is a beautiful place lets keep it that way.

This location in Alaska is at the center of an ongoing battle over the proposed Pebble Mine…”

Watch this stunning video segment and see how rich the waters of Alaska are. Seeing Salmon migrate back to their place of birth is an amazing sight. We need to protect these areas so that future generations can have a chance at sharing the same experience.

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