Shuttle Snap: Mobile Shuttle App

Amazing photographer and friend Brett Seng recently developed an online mobile application for Screen shot 2015-12-07 at 8.33.02 PMarranging river shuttles. So instead of calling in your shuttle and leaving a message for a river shuttle, you can now make reservations through this mobile app. Pretty awesome. From the site ” the service works as a marketing and reservation management tool for licensed shuttle providers…”

If you are a float guide or pleasure boater you know that setting up a shuttle can often time be a time consuming process. In fact it plays a huge role when choosing where you are going to float. This app allows you to make one less phone call and allows you to “focus on your activities, not wondering whether or not your vehicle is going to be there at the end of your trip.”

While the app is brand new and not available on all river locations (yet) it is a marvelous tool for all who enjoy floating the river. Be sure to visit the shuttle snap website and learn more about this mobile app.

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