Vail Brewing Company: Fly Tying Night

The long cold days of Winter are upon us in the high country and with our fishing days cut short many anglers turn their focus to filling fly boxes with crafty creations. For the second year in a row fly fishing guides in the Vail Valley have been gathering at local breweries for a fly tying night. The group sets up a tying area and share tying recipes over craft beers. They also give instructions and pointers to those who are interested in the art of tying flies. This year the brewery of choice is Vail Brewing Company (VBC). This quaint establishment is nestled in the town of Eagle-Vail right off of I-70. The bar area is neatly designed with Colorado Beetle Kill, wrap around bar and fireplace. The open concept allows visitors to mingle and dance in-between tying sessions.


Every Tuesday night at 6:30 you will see anglers in the bar spinning up midges, streamers, nymphs and more. It is a very laid back environment and is worth dropping in if you are in the area. The party definitely picks up as the night carries on so if you plan on tying I would recommend getting there earlier than later. If you just want to drop in, drink beer and check it out come anytime. This is a good way to enjoy good company, learn some tying tactics and drink a few beers on a regular Tuesday night.



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