Who would of thought Clear Creek could be so easy on the eyes…?

What is it about rivers that haunt us? Fly-fishing is just one of those activities that seems to make us ponder the natural world around us and contemplate the existence of all things…

Whether it is the clouds moving in the sky or the river moving through are feet, standing in the stream with a fly rod in hand, one cant help but feel in awe of the power and energy that makes the river flow.

Perhaps more remarkable is the beauty of any river big or small, it doesn’t matter whether you are watching micro sized brown trout rise to dry flies on Golden’s iconic Clear Creek or staring across the Rio Grande, any river has the ability to entrance the fisherman and rejuvenate the soul and the mind.

As they say, a picture is worth 1000 words and we recently received such evidence from a good friend with a great photo. This photo truly does capture the essence that is fly-fishing and the beauty that it can create. Lets just say this picture might be the best lookin’ that we have ever seen Clear Creek…!

Fly Fishing Colorado
Clear Creek has never looked so good!

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