Titan Rod Vault Army

Are you part of the Titan Rod Vault Army? It is like these things multiply overnight. Everyone whoTitan Rod Vault owns a fly rod has one of these things strapped to the top of their car. I even saw an 100k Mercedes with a vault on the roof recently. It was awesome. Nothing like telling people where to buy antibiotics you fly fish by having a piece of aluminum on your roof. I considered purchasing a rod vault when they first came out but the price tag was a little beefy so I opted out. Now I figure that one morning my truck will magically have one on its cap the way they are rapidly reproducing. Until then I still use the old system of putting my rod together at the river. Despite my crass comments above these sturdy fly rod vaults are a handy piece of equipment, especially for fly fishing guides who use their sticks day in and day out. I am sure that most of you have seen these silver torpedos on top of many vehicles around the country but for those of you who do not know here is the skinny. Titan Rod Vaults are constructed out of sturdy aluminum, aerodynamic and come complete with a locking system so you can safely leave your fly rods on top of your car with a piece of mind. Titan Rod Vaults store up to 3 fully rigged fly rods and easily attach to any roof rack. Pretty cool system I must admit. They are also an exclusive product of Denver Outfitters. If you are in the market for a fly rod storing/ transporting piece of equipment take a look at these rod vaults and join the army.

Titan Rod Vault Open

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