Fishing GOPRO Hack

In previous posts I have mentioned the GOPRO as a nifty little action camera that does well in many situations. Of course owning a GOPRO does not make you a world class cinematographer, even though some folks believe it does, it is simply a tool that allows users to capture content without the hassle of extra camera weight. This is what I love about the GOPRO Cameras. The size and weight. I can throw this small waterproof camera in my fishing pack or waders and not even know it is there, does it take the most stunning images? No. But I use this camera a little different to get certain fish images when fishing by myself.


The GOPRO camera has a lot of great options for a compact action camera but the one that I enjoy the most is the multiple frame rates you can capture in video mode. The GOPRO camera I am working with is a HERO 3+ probably obsolete by now but it seems to be working just fine for the applications I am using it for. Try this next time you are fishing by yourself and want to get a shot of that fish you have been working so hard to catch. Turn your GOPRO camera on and set the video mode to a higher frame rate. I prefer 120fps. After you land your fish, keep it in the water!!! Please don’t throw it on the bank and take a picture of it on the dirt. This is not a good picture. Keep the fish in your net in the water and grab your GOPRO. Turn it on then hold the camera underwater where you plan on releasing your fish. Allow the fish to swim out of the net or gently cradle the fish in one hand and direct it towards the camera. This sounds easy because it is. The wide angle lens on a GOPRO allows you to get very close to your subject so there is not fear of being too close to an object with a GOPRO. In fact if you take any advice from this post it would be make sure you are close when using a GOPRO camera.


Once you get home and are done telling your wife about the biggest fish you’ve ever caught, plug your GOPRO into your computer and go through the content you’ve captured throughout the day. From the video files slowly go through and watch your underwater release shots. Find a cool image and pause the video. From here you can take a screen shot and show all your buddies at work what an awesome fisherman you are. If you choose to share the video via your favorite social network the steps are a little more labor intensive but not a problem if you can figure out how to take a screen shot (command+shift+4 for you apple users).

Open your GOPRO hero footage with the GOPRO editing software. Choose in and out points of your video. I promise you that no one wants to watch you continually look at the front of your GOPRO to make sure that it is on. Skip that part and start your video at its finest moment. After choosing in and out points click the advanced button. Here you will change the frame rate from 120fps to 23.98fps then convert. Your 10-20-30 second clip is now 5 times longer than it was originally. From here you can edit your video for color, saturation, exposure..etc. Once you are satisfied export that beauty and she is ready for the world to see. These simple GOPRO tips will help you get the fish shot you are looking for when angling by yourself.

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