I Always Wanted A Skiff

I have always wanted to secretly be a Saltwater Fly Fishing Guide. The lure of fly fishing in shorts all season in a tropical climate always sounded appealing. You don’t need any lightweight fly rods, fancy tippets, tiny flies or waders. Waders…what are those? You get to cruise around on a beautiful skiff and search turquoise water for fish that require more than a 5 weight. After your trip you can sip margaritaville cocktails and watch the sun dip into the horizon behind the silhouette of palm trees. Since we are staring winter in the face pointing my compass to the south sounds more and more appealing each year. But, we live in such a beautiful state that pulling that trigger is not as easy as it seems. If only I was 10 years younger, or maybe if I didn’t have kids, or maybe if I had more money.. maybe if, maybe if. Until all these maybe ifs go away, I will apreciate that we are fortunate to call Colorado home and have an abundance of outdoor activites at our finger tips. It is easy to get sidetracked and look for green grass, but the grass is pretty green right here (no pun intended). Despite my little kid desire of wanting a sleek looking skiff and a stilted house in the Keys, reality is telling me that you are a terrible guide and would be flat broke in 2 months. Until these daydreams go away I will enjoy watching other anglers enjoy the souther part of the hemisphere. Maybe they are looking at us saying I wish I was wearing waders chasing trout.

1000 & Counting from Ryan Griffin on Vimeo.

Estrada Art Presents: The 5wt Chronicles: Into The Backcountry (Fly Fishing Snook, Tarpon, Redfish, Drum, Peacock Bass) S1:E1 from Estrada Art Films on Vimeo.

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