Slammin’ the Kokanee Salmon

One of our favorite seasons at Colorado Fly Fishing Reports is Colorado’s annual fall run of Kokanee Salmon in some of our favorite rivers like The South Platte, Blue, Gunnison and East rivers.

These fish really do provide and added, “spice” to trout fishing some of the west’s most iconic streams. Not only is Kokanee fun to catch but their eggs also bring about some huge trout feeding in and behind the salmon runs. Kokanee provide great sport for both fly and spin anglers and are a great way to introduce newcomers to the sport. And lets face it hooking into a huge Kokanee on light tackle like 3 and 4 weight fly rods is just tons of fun!

While some anglers resort to snagging techniques it is really not necessary, as these fish will readily eat a wide variety of fly patterns. Some of our favorites include Girdle Bugs in hook sizes 14-16, 20 Incher Stones in hook sizes 12-16, San Jaun worms and egg patterns; they have even been known to sip on small mayfly patterns.

Kokanee Salmon Fly Fishing
Fall Fly Fishing for Kokanee Salmon!

Kokanee Salmon runs are easy to spot, as they will stack up by the hundreds in the slowest and deepest pools in the river. If you aren’t catching Kokanee Salmon chances are you are not using enough weight, these fish just love to hug the bottom of the river. Find the bottom of the river and fish up, use a bright indicator that you can see and hang on!

Make Kokanee fishing a part of your Colorado fall angling routine this year, you will be glad you did! For the latest updates on the salmon run and other fly-fishing reports stay tuned to Colorado Fly Fishing Reports.

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