Streamer Tactics: Fall Fly Fishing

Ahhhh… the temps are cooling down and fall is in the air. Although I have been spending most of my time deep in the Elk woods i have been sneaking out in between Aspen Groves and moving streamers when the time allows. Fish have been responding to these bigger flies and I must say that September is a favorite month amongst Colorado Outdoorsman. I put together this short video segment about Streamer Fly Fishing. I know a lot of anglers who don’t quite understand the concept of Streamer Fly Fishing but it is an extremely effective tactic year round, especially in the Spring and Fall months.


First is the setup USE A HEAVIER ROD. A five weight will get the job done but you will beat your shoulder and arm up constantly throwing these larger flies over and over again. A stiff six weight at minimum will help you from getting fatigued and keep you on the water longer. But don’t be ashamed of throwing a larger rod with a heavier line. You will be making a lot of cast and a heavier rod will help out immensely. Do not get crazy about your leader/ tippet set up. Use a short stiff leader. I prefer 0x- 1x Flourocarbon. This will aid in sinking your flies and give you a lot of pulling power when you hook larger fish or trees.

Second is presentation. 90% of the time i am always moving my flies downstream. If you are a fish getting chased by a larger fish chances are that you are not going to swim into the current. Make you casts across the current at a 45 or 90 degree angle and use the current to swing your flies down stream. I try to move my streamer patterns from shallow to deeper water in hopes of finding fish hiding behind rocks and pockets. But the beauty of streamer fishing is that you can fish all types of water.

Last and the most important is covering water. Too many times I have seen anglers fishing streamers in the same run over and over again. Once a trout sees your presentation more than a couple times they are not going to chase/ commit. Covering a lot of water will increase your success when stripping streamers. If you cover a good section of water 50/100 yards with no action, change your fly size/ color and try it again. Often times this will trigger a response.

Get out there and start moving those big bugs through the water. The Brown Trout are in full pre spawn mode and fish are aggressively feeding before the deep freeze of winter. Thank you for watching.


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