Zhupanova River: Kamchatka Russia

Russia has alway been on my Fly Fishing Bucket List not only for the Mouse Eating Rainbow Trout that inhabit the remote rivers like the Zhupanova, but also the abundant numbers Atlantic Salmon that also migrate into these uninhabited drainages. Not only will you have to pinch your pennies (or Hundred dollar bills) to be able to afford a trip like this but you will also have to take a lot of time off to reach this far off destination.

Zhupanova – A Kamchatka River Adventure from Matt Jones on Vimeo.

Matt Jones is a photographer that I have been following on Facebook and he was lucky enough to document a Fly Fishing Trip to the Zhupanova River where anglers catch their share of Mammal Eating Trout. In this short video Matt Jones put together you will get a glimpse of what it is like to fish in the truly remote waters of Russia. Complete with bears, helicopters and giant trout this short video segment will certainly have you adding Russia to your bucket list.

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