Olympus Tough: Digital Camera

Today we all use our phones to snap shots and instantly share them with the world via our favorite social media channels. But if you are like I am your expensive phone has a cracked screen from dropping it multiple times. Sure I bought the protective case for an extra 80 bones but I decided didn’t like it because my sleek sexy phone got super bulky when I added the “indestructible case.” Now, like you I have a cracked screen and I have to be very careful not to cut my fingers wheniphone-4-broken-screen-repair scrolling. So what kind of camera do you bring on the river? do you use your phone? after your fumble in the parking lot I am not sure you want to have that important device on the riverside. If you got it wet and the bag of rice trick didn’t work, all your photos, contacts, voicemails..etc are gone. Even if you have them backed up in some type of cloud you still have to go through the process of getting a new phone and updating all your info. Which you all know takes as much time a purchasing a new car. So lets leave the mobile in the car and try out a camera that is durable, takes great shots and can get wet. Besides we do not want that phone ringing on the river.

The Olympus Tough is a great point and shoot digital waterproof camera. The 16 megapixel beast has multiple settings for you to choose from as well as a 4x optical zoom allowing you to get close to object out of range. Switch from camera to video mode and capture sharp 1080p content to share with your clients. The camera is designed for durability and will withstand a crushing force, freezing temperatures, shocks and dust. Another great addition, especially for those of you who like to share your pictures via social media, the Olympus Tough has built in Wi-Fi allowing you to upload you images to the web with ease. Just download the app and start sharing. I bought this camera for my wife and it is great for bringing to the pool, river, lake, hiking, camping etc. If you have butter fingers and tend to drop expensive Items this digital camera is certainly for you.


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