Mouse Tube Fly: Tying Mammals

I was all about the Morrish Mouse until I fished Cody’s Mouse Fly a couple years ago. It is nothing special and you certainly cannot find it in any fly shops, but if you slip Cody DeGuelle a little cash he might let you walk away with one of his Tube Fly Mouse Patterns. An extremely simple pattern to tie Cody’s Mouse imitation is truly a fish catcher. Using just a few materials, such as micro pine squirrel, rabbit strips and foam Cody created not only a great looking mouse pattern but one that is lightweight and easy to cast.


Traditional Mouse Flies tied out of Buck Tail are like casting a hay bail across the river. They also sound like a hummingbird on steroids as they carelessly whip through the air. I was a firm believer that the Morrish Mouse Pattern was the best mammal pattern out there. But, having fished Cody’s mouse creation all others take the far back seat. We have been trying to crack the mouse code for a while now and after watching fish react to this fly I am a true believer that trout really love to eat mice. No matter where you are mouse fishing is not easy, but this simple mouse tie might up your odds next time you are moving rodents across the river. This short video will give you a glimpse on how to spin up this tasty creation. There are also some pretty enticing eats that might just make you a believer.


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