Dog Days of summer: Might as well go Carp Fishing!

If you are like most of our successful Denver anglers then we can sympathize with your Monday morning this week…

It is mid August in Denver and for lack of a better term it has been hot as $#%@! Lots of our local rivers are low and warm making for some challenging trout fishing conditions. It is the dog days of summer as they say and lets face it times aren’t easy, it’s Monday morning, your boss just dumped weeks work of paperwork on your desk and it t looks like your “girlfriend” is still fairly active on the dating site where you met and you have to take your car into the mechanic today, don’t worry that should only take up most of the afternoon! Fishing is on your mind this weekend but the thought of driving three plus hours sounds exhausting and expensive, after all you are living in Denver: Ahh the Sunshine State…where current rent prices are rivaling that of New York City…

Colorado Carp Fishing
Carp Fly Fishing in beautiful Boulder, CO!

Our advice to you is to take the road less traveled, leave your office right now, maybe flick your boss off (please think about your current rent/financial situation before you do this) and go carp fishing! Carp fishing is a great way to escape from the everyday stresses and pressures of life and find some good angling for the Rocky Mountain Bonefish!

Look at it this way you can drive three hours and maybe catch a few fifteen-inch trout or you can go to the nearest pond to your office and catch a twenty-pound plus fish! The key to successful carp fishing is simple find mudding or tailing fish and quietly and accurately put your fly in front of them. If you are spooking fish lengthen your leader and lighten your tippet, we usually recommend fishing a 9-10 foot leader tapered to 3x and virtually any bonefish style “Crazy Charlie” or “Gotcha” is hook sizes 6-10 and tied in crayfish and leech colors will fool both common and grass carp.

Colorado carp on the fly
Flyfisher Guide Service Guide, TK Connor with a Rocky Mountain Bonefish!

So don’t let the dog days of summer cramp your style, grab your favorite 6 weight and check out some of Denver’s best fishing, carp fishing for “Rocky Mountain Bonefish” on the famed South Platte!

Tight Lines,

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