It’s a Mouse Fishin Mission…

Mouse “Fishin” really is a lot of fun! A lot of times on the river, our guides get asked, “Do trout really eat mice?”

Colorado brook trout
Brook trout love to eat mice!

And the answer is YES! If mice are present in a stream or pond’s surrounding eco-system, then YES mice are going to be a part of the trout’s diet. And when it comes to bigger trout, especially brown trout, it is more often than not the bigger fish in the river that are gulping down rodents!

The cool thing about fly-fishing with mouse patterns is that it combines the art of dry fly fishing with the fun of streamer fishing! To present a mouse fly effectively you must put some “life” into the fly as you strip your mouse pattern to look like the real thing, this means wiggling the rod tip and stripping the line simultaneously to get good “life like” motion. But you must also use your eyes and your reflexes to set properly when a trout comes up to gulp your mouse pattern!

Brook trout eating mice
This big “broke” fell for a deer hair mouse!

The best part of mouse fishing is tying or buying some of the nastiest looking flies! Deer hair, rabbit fur and foam usually make up some of our favorite Mickey Mouse imitations. All of these natural and synthetic materials make the flies both move and feel realistic.

So the next time your camping next to your favorite trout stream, why not stay up late and strip a rodent pattern or two under the full moon? You might just be surprised with the biggest trout of your life…

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