Proper Layering: Outdoor Survival

This is a must read article for anyone who participates in all outdoor activities. The Big Game Product Manager, John Barklow along with Naval Instructors came up with a training operation that truly tested how your gear can save your life. Mr. Barklow spent nearly a decade developing clothing systems and equipment. Prior to testing clothing John Barlow trained Navy Seals how to survive like a mountaineer in Kodiak, Alaska. During the winter months in AK one of the drills that they preformed was called the rewarming drill. After reading about this drill you will be shivering in your office thinking about what these SEALS went through during this training operation. But what they did next is what is very interesting and could save your life if you have the right clothing….” The deal is, if you spend enough time out there, you’re going to get wet on a brutally cold day. And how are you going to keep warm? How are you going to get everything dry and keep going?” – John Barklow


Take the time to read this article from Sitka and find the answers to the questions asked in the article. “Say you got soaked on a hunt. What would you do next? What steps would you take to get warm?

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