Colorado River: Dry Dropper Flies

Run off is over and summer fly fishing in Colorado is in full swing. Some of the flows are still a bit high but the water is cold and fish are very happy right now.  Caddis and Yellow Sally hatches seem to be dominating the scene right now on the Colorado, Eagle and Roaring Fork Rivers but soon we will start to see Drakes, Red Quills, PMD’s and Tricos as we move further into summer. The dry fly fishing is very good right now and there are days where it seems like they will eat anything and then there are those “you should have been here yesterday” periods.

The Upper Colorado River between Pump House and Catamount is a very popular stretch of river for fly anglers. The beautiful canyons and abundance of trout in this 50 mile stretch can be a fly fishermen’s paradise. And although the Upper Colorado River can get a lot of traffic you can always seem to find a quiet piece of water. The high grass banks along the Colorado River make it ideal for throwing hopper dropper setups especially as we move deeper into summer. Although they will not always rise to the hopper having the right dropper can make a big difference in how many times you put a bend in the rod. Here are my top three Upper Colorado River Dropper Flies.

1 –  Guides Choice

guides choiceThis is a great all around pattern that imitates numerous aquatic insects. The beachhead gives it enough weight to sink rapidly and the soft hackle moves water to look like and emerging insect. This is certainly a good one to have in the box and tied on as a dropper for exploring the banks of the Colorado River.

2- Black Micro May

There are times when black is a deadly color on the Upper C and this little bug can do someblack micro may damage. Imitating a small black stone the black micro may is another great dropper pattern not only on the Colorado River but on many other river in Colorado. This pattern is also very good in Olive.

3- Red Copper John

red copper johnI know it sounds corny but the Red Copper John is a killer once the Red Quills start moving around on the Colorado River. Don’t overlook these patterns in the fly box they are good weighted fly patterns that really do well especially between Pump House and Rancho Del Rio.

There are my top three for the Upper Colorado River, I am sure that there are anglers out there that are laughing at my selection but these are the bugs I have confidence in when fishing a dropper pattern. Good luck on the water and have a safe 4th of July Weekend.

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