Mystic 8113 Switch Rod Review

I recently purchased the Mystic 8113 Switch Rod for an Atlantic Salmon trip to Gaspe, Canada. The trip has since come and gone, it was a complete success and I can honestly say that using this Mystic Switch Rod made fishing for the fish of a thousand casts a little bit easier on my shoulders.


Coming in at 11’3″ this 8 weight switch rod is ideal for medium to large sized rivers and works well formystic_mseries_switch_lg2 making shorter over hand casts as well as launching long two handed shots across the river. I spooled up a Lamson ULA Force Spey Reel with the Rio 8/9 Switch Line and it feels like the perfect fly line for this Mystic Switch Rod. The longer shooting head is perfect for loading the faster action rod and easily turns over larger flies at long distances. Casting sinking tips is a breeze once you find the correct loading point. I found myself using the Rio MOW tips occasionally in faster/ deeper runs and at first my casts got a little sloppy due to the added line length. Once I figured out my correct loading point my loops got tighter and flies turned over with ease.

The 11′ 3″ rod length is perfect for putting the breaks on fast moving migratory fish in fast water. The longer rod gives you a bit more pulling leverage allowing you to put ample pressure on fish when you need it. The rod breaks down to four pieces and comes with a solid rod tube so you can easily travel to and from your fly fishing destinations. The price is not easily swallowed but it is not nearly as expensive as other switch/ spey rods on the market. Overall I am very impressed and pleased with the performance of the Mysitc 8113 Switch Rod and look forward to casting/ fishing with it again. I would highly recommend it to anyone who is looking to bust into the spey casting world.

Atlantic Salmon

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