Deckers: Run Off

As we approach peak run off finding the closest tailwater or high alpine lake are really your only options right now. These high temps have certainly brought our rivers up quickly making it borderline scary to be around. Of course you will still see some die hards out there dredging the bottom with stones and worms trying to put a bend in the rod. Hats off to you anglers who are out there battling the high flows and dirty water but for me I find that run off is a good time to organize gear and knock some items off the honey do list.


Despite the last paragraph Cody DeGuelle and I made a quick push to Deckers last week in hopes of finding a few hungry fish on the edges of the insanely high water. Although everyone I told about this excursion told me it was a bad Idea I met Cody in the parking lot of BIG R in Evergreen before we headed south. The Big R was our meeting spot because I rushed out the door forgetting my fly rod and pack. Being a father of a 3 year old I though it was only appropriate that I buy a snoopy pole to fish with then gift to him. What turned out to be a gag actually ended up being the most used tool in our arsenal. We came up with the snoopy pole challenge and the snoopy pole out fished the fly rod 2 to 1. That number may have been slightly higher if we could have set the hook a little quicker with the short rod.


It felt good to try something different, although our setup was the same a traditional nymph rig it was fun to push the lever and launch some line off the tiny reel. We did not hook anything huge which was a blessing because between the high water and light rod I am sure we would have never seen what was on the other end. The hot set-up was a Pats Rubber leg trailed by a San Juan Worm. Most of the fish were tight to the bank and in shallow slow slicks (if you could find them). The flow in Deckers was hovering above 1000 cfs and navigating the steep banks was more than challenging. Regardless of the high water and marginal fishing were only saw a few more anglers and had a blast fishing the snoopy pole. I probably will not be rushing out to Deckers any time soon but I can tell you that the snoopy pole challenge will continue throughout the summer.


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