Silver Sonic Swimsuit Issue

It appears that Sport Illustrated has incorporated fly fishing apparel into this years Swimsuit Edition. The models in this volume are stunning as usual standing in provocative positions with fly rods in hand and hip waders attached to their bikini bottoms. While these images suggests that these bombshells are enjoying the afternoon casting dry flies in their favorite fishing spots I don’t believe that is what we are staring at. Sorry laddies you are not too convincing. The one image that popped out amongst the others was the shot of Jessica Gomes topless in a pair of Orvis Silver Sonic Waders. Of course only a fly fisherman would notice that right? or am I wrong. Hopefully for Orvis sex truly does sell and this will be a banner year for Silver Sonic Wader sales.

jessica Gomes Silver Sonic Waders

So what do you think this will do for the sport of fly fishing? anything? do you really think that because these models have a piece of fly fishing apparel/ rods in their pictures that it will bring new blood into the sport? For a magazine that is dominated by basketball, football, baseball, soccer and occasionally hockey are these models going to convince subscribers to pick up a fly rod and hit the water? My guess is probably not. I would speculate that the guys and gals viewing these images are not wondering what waders Jessica Gomes is wearing but wishing the next photo shoot she has them painted on.

Maybe I am wrong and a high percentage of SI Subscribers are going to their local Orvis Endorsed Fly Shop and buying all the gear to get started on their lifelong journey of fly fishing. Their carts will be filled with rods, reels, how to books, flies and of course a pair of Silver Sonic Waders.

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