Colorado Weekend Warrior

The crowds are out and you better believe that they will stay that way until runoff is in full swing. So where do you go fishing and avoid the weekend crowds? Well I do not have a solid answer for you but what I can suggest is that you hop in your boat and go float the Colorado River. This is one of the best times of the year to float the Mighty C and you can catch them all three ways (dries, streamers, nymphs) on most outings. The Brown Trout this time of year can be a bright silver color and fight like a freight train after a long winter. Stoneflies, BWO’s and midges are going to be your standard fare for nymphing. Don’t be afraid to adjust your nymphing depth, fish on the Colorado River are often times suspended in the water column. Sometimes the nymphing can be super slow on the Colorado so if this is the case shorten up that leader and throw streamers. Black, Olive and Yellow are great spring time streamer colors that catch a lot of fish. If those are not doing the trick have White and Natural colors on deck. Streamer fishing tends to be a little more effective out of a boat but if you are stuck on shore keep moving and fish those undercut banks.

Brown Trout Underwater

So you don’t have a boat and neither does your fishing buddy. Bummer. Sounds like your wading. If you are fishing the Front Range you better get there early. From recent reports is appears that areas like deckers and chessman have been seeing their fair share of anglers. If you make it out of the city and up the hill you are going to find crowds here too.  My best advice is to get on it early. Try smaller midge imitations and increase your fly size as the day starts to warm up. Larger midges are starting to pop on The Eagle and Roaring Fork so you will have plenty of opportunity to cast dry flies throughout the day. Please watch for redds as the Rainbow Trout are getting busy in the shallows. Don’t be afraid to say something to the guy fishing to spawners. Something like “Excuse me sir that area is closed to spawning fish, The DOW officer just mentioned that too me in the parking lot.” That might get their attention. Have fun out there its SPRING fishing.

CO Brown Trout

2 thoughts on “Colorado Weekend Warrior”

  1. I just stumbled on your blog and reports. I really like the footage from the white river, the somewhat sarcastic tone here and there, and the bits of advice I can take from each post. Hope to run into you guys on the water some day! Keep it up!

    1. Thanks Nate. We had a lot of fun on the White River. We are going to do more videos each month so stay tuned. Cheers.

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