White River Colorado: Report

Last week Cody Deguelle and I took a trip to Meeker, CO to fish the White River. The water levels had bumped prior to our arrival making fishing a little slower than anticipated but it was a fun exploring new water in Colorado. It is a long drive to Meeker but a fairly simple one. Coming from the Front Range it is as easy as following I-70 West to Rifle then heading North on CO-13 for 45 minutes. Be careful if you choose to drive CO-13 at dusk/ dark. The road can be littered with Mule Deer and Elk. Although these critters are fun to see they can be deadly on the road. We made it through this section of the drive without any animal encounters but we were able to recover a brand new 3″ tie down strap in the middle of the road. I had to dodge traffic to grab it off the center line but came out victorious in the end.

Meeker is a simple town and is home to roughly 2,200 people who enjoy the open spaces and low crime rate. If you blink an eye you might miss this small historic town, but it certainly worth stopping if you are just passing by.

After unloading our gear at the Blue Spruce Inn we walked over to a local watering hole named Chippers.  We chatted with the owner, Danielle, and she gave us a brief fishing report. After being slightly over served we found ourselves back at the hotel trying tie caddis patterns on Cody’s make shift vise.

GMO Worm Fly

For those who have never fished the White River it is located just north of Rifle and is a tributary of the Green River. Although much of the river is dominated by private property there is a lot of public access for anglers to enjoy. The river is full of large Stoneflies, Caddis and Sculpin. These larger insects and bottom dwelling baitfish allow the White River to grow some enormous trout. Each year it seems that someone pulls a Brown Trout out of the White River over 30″ with fish in the mid twenties very common.

white river sign

“Do you have any aspirin?” was the first thing I mumbled to cody the following morning. Seems our visit to Chippers was a little longer than anticipated. We rolled out of the hotel shorty before 9 am and made our way to some public access east of Meeker. The river was slightly off color and cold. Streamer fishing was very slow so we both decided to switch over to nymph rigs. A Stonefly trailed by a Worm was the ticket. The fish were really keyed in on the worm pattern, I would say the Rusty Colored Worm out fished any other fly that we threw. Fishing got real hot for about 45 minutes during the middle of the day then shut off completely. After beating up “Cody’s Whitey Nest” we drove up river and tried streamers once more. Cody’s first few cast with an Olive Sex Dungeon had fish all over the fly. This was short lived but before the streamer bite died Cody was able to put several fish in the net including this beautiful Brown Trout.

White River Brown Trout

This trip was one of many to come this year.  We intend on fishing many different drainages throughout Colorado and are striving to bring you fresh fly fishing content from around the state of Colorado. Below is a short video of our brief fly fishing trip to the White River.


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