Winston BIIIX 5wt: Very Fast Very Nice

I shook my head when Cody DeGuelle handed me a Winston Fly Rod to cast streamers with last week. He laughed as I mumbled something about the flimsy rod I was stringing up. I have never been a huge fan of Winston Fly Rods and it is not because they are not nice, I just never found one that suited my terrible casting style. Personally I think they are a little slow for my liking. Especially when you hand me a 5wt to throw chicken feathers to the far bank. Well I was totally wrong about the 5 wt Winston that Cody let me fish last week.

Winston Rod Cheeky

After casting streamers for a good part of the morning it was apparent that we were going to have to put the bobber on until the water temps started to rise. While building out a leader I realized that the rod I had been casting all morning was I 5wt. I was in total shock that this Winston had a fast action and enough punch to throw articulated lead eyed streamers with accuracy. I had to give credit where credit was due. I hollered downstream to Cody and said ” This rod is a cannon I though I was casting a 7 wt.”

White River Cutbow

Let me tell ya what I think about the Winston Boron III X 9’6″ 5 wt. This is the fastest action Winston Fly Rod I have ever cast. While the rod feels a little beefier in your hand it still delivers a smooth, accurate cast with larger nymphs and streamers. I did not throw any dries with this rod so I cannot speak to its delicacy. However, I did nymph fish for the majority of the day and the rod allows you to easily stack mend your line as well as quickly set the hook when the bobber shakes. There is plenty of backbone to this fly rod, the extra length of this rod gives you a little more leverage so you can really put some serious pressure on fish. I would have no problem adding this rod to my arsenal and believe it is very versatile piece of equipment. If you have had similar feelings about Winston Fly Rods I would urge you to cast a Winston BIIX it might just change your mind.

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