Yampa River Colorado: Fly Fishing

According to the weather channel the spring like weather is coming to an end this week so I would suggest getting out before next monday. Fish have their feed bags on and fishing is pretty easy right now. If you are looking for an adventure a day trip to the Yampa River is a fun winter fishery. The road to the tailwater section is close for Elk migration but if you are willing to walk in it can be worth the trek. Otherwise bring a Mountain Bike and ride the road in.The road can be icy in the mooring and abowinwater mud puddle in the afternoon so be forewarned. If you do choose to go bring a box of midge dries and look for risers up and down the river. The warmer days have those Rainbows poking their noses up for bugs on the surface. This is a great time of year to get your dry fly fix. Otherwise nymph the obvious water with midge variations, Mayflies and Scuds. Of course this section gets plenty of pressure so be sure to change your set up frequently if you are not getting the results you hope for. I always give praise to the Roy Palms Special Emerger but if you have the opportunity to get your paws on some of those bugs be sure to do so. I have done very well with that fly both on the surface and sunken. Enjoy the weekend.


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