February Fishing Conditions: Colorado

I will be the first to shout that this weather is great and the sun feels nice on my face. But, to see people wearing shorts at the grocery store in February is concerning. The last couple weeks have been absolutely beautiful by April/ May standards but to get this heat up during what is supposed to be one of Colorado’s¬†snowiest months could mean some bad things this summer. The water that is now melting down the hill and filling our rivers will be needed much more in August than at the current moment. Of course there is not a thing that we can do about it except hope for more moisture and cooler temps moving forward. Until that happens we might as well enjoy the warm snap of weather and get on the river.


Fishing has been great and fish are feeding consistently throughout the day. You will still find the best fishing between 11 and 2pm and fish have been keying in on midges. Finding the right depth has been the most challenging aspect lately. Sporadic midge hatches have the fish up and down in the water column. One minute the fish seem on the surface then the next closer to the bottom. Constantly adjusting weight will help your hookup success. Best flies have been Barrs BWO nymph, Roy Palms Special Emerger, RS2’s and other midge variations.¬† Bigger pheasant tails, eggs and small worms have been good point flies in a two nymph rig setup. If you are itching to bust out the boat the Roaring Fork and Lower Colorado are wide open and at good winter flows for a float. Keep your eye out for the rising trout you we have been seeing some large heads in shallow water slurping on midges. Get out and enjoy the spring weather but secretly be praying for more snow.

Eagle River CO Rainbow Trout

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