A Mile High Salute for the Rocky Mountain Bonefish

Just yesterday, Buccaneers and Bones came on the T.V. and as Tom Brokaw casted to a huge Bonefish we were reminded of his infamous quote, “If fishing is religion, then fly fishing is high church.”

Tom couldn’t have been more correct as for many of us at Colorado Fly Fishing Reports, fishing is the key ingredient for quieting our minds and enriching our souls. And while in our fair City of Denver we may not have any bonefish swimming about but what we do have in common are carp, or as we like to refer to them “Rocky Mountain Bonefish.” As we write, the weather in our beautiful city is warming and flows are good at 150 CFS in downtown Denver, making for some superb sight fishing conditions.

Now is a great time to skip out of work or take a long lunch break and try your hat at some of the more challenging fly-fishing in the state for finicky carp in Denver’s famed South Platte River System.

Colorado carp fly fishing
They really are a lot like Bonefish!

Make sure to bring a stout nine foot six weight fly rod and a quality reel with plenty of backing! Wintertime carp fishing tactics are similar to prospecting for tail water trout but right now you can get away with heavier 3x-4x tippet and bigger flies. Some of our favorite carp patterns include the Backstabber in size 16, Rubber Legged Hare’s Ear size 16, San Juan Worms 14-16 and Prince Nymphs 12-16.

For ideas on where to fish, check out the South Platte River Trail: http://www.walkridecolorado.com/denver-metro-single-trails/south-platte-river-trail

Good luck, have fun and be sure to send us some photos of your very best Rocky Mountain Bonefish!

Tight lines,

Colorado Fly Fishing Reports

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