Weekend Update January 9 2015: Cheesman Canyon at its Prime!

Well it’s Friday and the weekend is almost here! The weather down in Deckers is looking cloudy with a chance of meatballs and highs of 45 degrees on Saturday and 43 degrees on Sunday. Given the cloud cover and the seemingly warm January temperatures, we at Colorado Fly Fishing Reports predict that at precisely 2:01 PM on Saturday, a blanket hatch of black midges will cover the water of Cheesman Canyon’s “Family Hole”and a Brook’s Sprout Adult Midge in a hook size of 24 will fool every trout feeding in the riffle above you…

Colorado Fly Fishing Report Legend, “Rim Chung” giving us a BIG Thumbs UP for our favorite SP fly the RS2!

Please keep in mind, however, that in no way can you hold us at Colorado Fly Fishing Reports accountable if the above chain of events doesn’t actually happen exactly as we predicted, because after all who can predict the future? However, if that does happen, we feel that we should get credit for predicting the future. But in all seriousness, fishing conditions are looking good on the South Platte River this fine January weekend in beautiful and colorful Colorado. Below Cheesman Reservoir, the river is running at 147 CFS, an ideal flow for fishing this sometimes tricky and technical tail water…

So why waste time even thinking about it? Rig your fly rod this weekend and take a drive to one of Colorado and the West’s best trout rivers, the South Platte at Deckers & Cheesman Canyon. Or if your up for a road trip head to the Dream Stream for an even colder fly fishing experience, but you might end up holding the biggest trout of your life!

Before you go, be sure to head to the fly shop and stock up on good nymph fishing gear. Head to the river armed with an assortment of yarn indicators, Thingamabobbers and foam pinch on dots.  Also, be sure to have a variety of weights, and remember to find the bottom of the river and fish up! When in doubt go deeper! Plus, make sure you have spools of 4x, 5x & 6x tippet.

For flies right now, think small, sparse but still able to catch the attention of the fish. Colorado Fly Fishing Report favorites include Black Beauty’s hook size #20-24, Dorsey’s Top Secret Midge #20-24, Disco Midge #20-24, Barr’s Emerger #18-24, Scuds #14-18 (orange, olive), Micro San Juan Worms brown, red, light pink #18-14 and of course when in doubt try throwing perhaps the most classic Cheesman Canyon fly, our very favorite Rim Chung’s classic RS2 in hook sizes 18-24.

Please do your best to release all the fish quickly and not to play them to exhaustion in the cold water. Wherever you go, also be sure to be safe and have fun this weekend. We wish you luck & good times on the water!

Tight Lines,

Colorado Fly Fishing Reports

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