Fly Fishing Accessories: William Joseph Hemostats

Hemostats, nippers, hemos, pinchers, whatever you want to call them tend to fall into the river. William-Joseph-Fishing-Hemocuts-1This paii of William Joseph Hemocuts has been with me for about 3 years and they are by far the best pair of “hemos” I have ever owned.┬áThe scissors are sharp and have stayed sharp after years of using them. The rubber handle gives you a good grip when your hands are wet or slimy from sunscreen. The most valuable part of these “stats” is the locking closure. I cannot tell you how many of pairs of hemostats i have lost because the closure let go when pinched to my shirt or vest. The closure on the WJ Hemocuts is rugged and stays closed. I generally pinch them to my hip pack or tee shirt and they don’t move. If you see me staring at you like an eagle it generally means that you are using my favorite “hemos” and if you drop them I will tackle you. These are definitely worth checking out if you lost your “pinchers” to the river.