Colorado Fly Fishing Report

The skiing certainly is not there so you might as well hit the river this weekend. After our serious ec1ab0a0_santaskisamount of snowfall before Thanksgiving, winter decided to take a break and grant us with spring like conditions in the Mountains. This is not great for the ski industry or our snowpack but until the white stuff falls the only thing we can do is enjoy the sunny weather. Despite the warm mid-day temps the over night lows have been very cold putting some slush in the rivers early in the morning. So do not jump out of bed to be the first one on the river. Fly Fishing this time of year is much better from 11 am to 2 pm. I feel like a broken record but nymphing with an egg midge combo still is going to get your bobber to wiggle. If you are sick of staring at the goat nut try swinging midge emergers in shallow tail outs. This can be very effective especially if fish are suspended. This is a good way to break up the monotony of nymph fishing and you can usually just swing what you are nymphing with. Take the bobber and weight off and start casting 45 degrees down stream and wait for the grab….BRO. You will certainly lose more fish than you hook but it is fun to feel a fish tapping your fly. Skiing is lame go fly fishing.


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  1. Sure appreciate the report and the advice for a day on the water this time of year. Great weather in Loveland area, too. I may not gear up until after the holidays so we will see.

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