Fly Fishing Colorado: December Outlook


This seems like the craziest time of the year and finding time to get out to the river seems to vanish. The shorter days and colder temps drastically shrink the amount of time you have to “goof off.” If you find some time to fish this weekend you can always kill two birds with one stone by fishing the Blue in Silverthorne, The wife can do some shopping while you make a few casts for spooky rainbows through town. ¬†When you are finished spooking every fish in the river swing by Murdoch’s for some man shopping. The weather has been quite mild around the state so most drainages should be void of ice. I would keep your eye on the weather as things can rapidly change and when this happens, it has been my experience that, the fishing slows way down prior to a front moving in. The egg midge combo is still getting the bobber to shake and will continue to do so for months to come. On warmer days look for heads eating small midges off the surface. A trusty old Griffiths Gnat is a good one to carry around for this scenario.


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