November Fly Fishing: Colorado Report

Winter made a heavy entrance this week dropping temps as well has snow around the state. This was definitely a rude awakening considering the weather we had leading up to this arctic blast. Time to focus on the egg and midge game as we move into the cold weather. The egg is a great attractor pattern even if fish are not keyed in on it, I feel like the egg/bead draws attention to the trailing fly behind. Which should be a midge or a super micro BWO pattern. Pattern below tied by my good friend Bob Streb

Bobber Midge

If you plan on hitting the river this weekend find a tailwater and go to it. The Blue and Frying Pan are safe bets and you should be able to stick a few on dries later in the day as the midges come off. Be sure to have a large variety of midge colors and sizes. Most of the fish have moved into lies with less current and can have a very long time to inspect your offerings. Sometimes switching from a black midge to a brown midge can make a huge difference. Hard to believe but fish are professional bug eaters and know exactly what they are looking at as it floats by. Be careful on the roads, it seems that every year when we get our first snow everyone forgets how to drive in it.


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