Saltwater Fly Selection: Don’t Skimp

We have been off the grid for the last few days in search of Saltwater Fish South of the border. The Permit were thick but highly pressured in the particular area we were fishing. It was a good learning experience for Trout Anglers to learn how to fish for species outside of our comfort zone. Sure we can be jedi’s when it comes to catching picky trout but put us in the same scenario in the salt and we are helpless. Or are we? Since this is the start of destination travel season I though I would touch on what to bring to a saltwater flats fishing location.


The biggest thing I have found to be important  when traveling south is fly selection. Of course having sunscreen, rods, reels and appropriate apparel is necessary do not skimp on fly selection. Many of these places do not have a ton of flies and the guides only have a handful they are willing to share. Choosing the right flies to bring is a challenge in itself but can really make of break your trip. Crabs, Shrimp and Baitfish imitations are going to be your top three fly patterns for locations that target Tarpon, Bonefish, Snook and Permit. Therefore try to have at least 3 different colors and sizes in each fly imitation. I have seen boxes full of beautiful flies only to find one that the guide likes. And that fly is generally a drab color that matches the bottom.  Here are 3 flies that were hot on our trip last week.

Kung Fu Crab- Permit


Spawning Shrimp – Bonefish


Rattle Mullet- Back Country Tarpon

Rattle Mullet Fly

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