November Fly Fishing Outlook


I will be out of town for the rest of the week so I figured a post for a fly fishing report might give you some insight for Colorado fishing this week. Cooler temperatures are expected for the beginning of the week and warming back up to the 50’s by the weekend. We have gotten some snow in the high country and as this melts with warming temps it will cool down some drainages significantly and could also turn the water off color. This will slow fishing down and have fish keying in on smaller midge imitations. If you have the time and can get to a tailwater now is a good time to do it. The water temps should be more stable and the insect activity more consistent. Recent reports on the Yampa River below Stagecoach have been good with a lot of fish being caught in deeper riffles and pools. Nymphing will be your primary technique although you might be able to find a few rising in slower pools. As most tailwaters the fish on the Yampa are very educated and can be picky at times. For this reason it is good to cary a number of midge and mayfly patterns in various colors. Lately Gray RS2 emergers, WD-40s, Miracle Nymphs and Scuds have been working well on the Yampa. wd-40Try not to have cement feet especially if the crowds are light. Although the section below Stagecoach is small fish hold in all types of water and can be caught in a lot of places. If for some reason the water gets off color for a few hours try moving Streamers in some of the deeper pockets. Some of my best days on the Yampa have been with small Olive and Natural colored streamers. You will only get a few shots in one hole so moving is a must if your choose this route. Dress warm it can get real cold when the sun dips behind the hill.

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