Colorado Fly Fishing Outlook

Choosing where to fish this weekend is a tough call. Fly Fishing around Colorado seems to be great everywhere so picking one spot is going to come down to personal preference. The Brown Trout on the Dream Stream section of the South Platte River have come in and are being targeted heavily by many anglers. This is a good time to hook a very large lake run fish but you will be also fighting large crowds. If you have never been to the Dream Stream this is a good time to see some amazing lake run Brown Trout in this small meandering stream. Be prepared to change your flies often and share elbow room with other anglers.

South Boulder Creek Fly Fishing

With the big fish drawing a lot attention many other South Platte hot spots are seeing less traffic and fishing very well. Reports on 11 mile as well as Cheesman Canyon are good with fish eating BWO’s, midges and streamers.  Fish are still eating off the surface in these areas but are getting picky on what they will take. Nymphing the faster water with prospecting nymphs trailed by a midge or BWO emerger is working well when fish are not keyed in on the surface. The Browns are spawning so give them some space if you see them paired up on their redds.


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