Raft & Drift Boat Oars

Picking out the right oars can be expensive but it can also save your shoulders.

Anyone buying a new boat knows that all the things that go with it can nickel and dime you to death. But, the one thing you should’t skimp on is Oars. Or as our clients like to call them ” the paddle thingy.” I have always been a fan of the Sawyer Oars and Oar Blades and I feel like they are well worth the investment. Currently I run the Sawyer Pole Cats with Cataract Floating Oar Blades.  These are not the top of the line Sawyer Oars but they are lightweight and the floating Oar Blades make a huge difference when on the water. The lighter weight oars and floating blades do not sound like they would make a big difference in rowing but they can make a big difference in fatigue which in turn can effect your ability to pull hard when you need to.

Sawyer Oars

As always I am constantly looking for a good drift boat deal and once pull the trigger on one the Oars that I will be looking at are the Sawyer Square Top Dyno X. Jeff Brazda Turned me onto these oars last Spring on a Steelhead Trip in the O.P. These are the lightest oars that I have ever rowed with and they are extremely easy to maneuver.  I have found that lighter oars make crab stroking much much easier and for those who guide a lot out of boats the crab stroke is a must to master for keeping the boat on a straight slow line.


I know it is a tough pill to swallow but spending the extra money on lighter oars can make your rowing experience much easier.

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