Butter Bean


This is the time of year in Colorado when your chances of finding a large Brown Trout increase significantly. Large Brown Trout are like mystical creatures, they exist but not many people see them. Kind of like Big Foot. So this fall we are traveling around and fishing multiple rivers searching for the Butter Bean. We have been hunting hard for this fish and hopefully we will find him/her within the next month or so. We are in prime season for finding one of these mystical beasts so with a little luck and the right streamer, success should shine upon us. Tomorrow we hunt the Colorado River for a two footer but I must admit the cards are stacked against us. The Colorado River doesn’t hold large Butter Beans you say? This photo from the DOW proves you wrong Mr. This fish was shocked at a very popular boat ramp on the Upper C and has been feasting on white fish, stone flies and out of state rafters. Make sure to check in with us as the search for the Butter Bean continues through November of 2014.

Colorado DOW Brown Trout Shocked

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